Batman & The Outsiders Vol. 1

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In these tales from the 1980s, Batman splits off from the Justice League ofAmerica to form his own super-team known as the Outsiders. Including establishedheroes Black Lightning and Metamorpho as well as dynamic new heroes Katana,Geo-Force, and Halo, the team fought for justice on an international stage. Combining superhero action with espionage, the Outsiders brought their own brandof justice to Geo-Force's nation of Markovia, Katana's homeland of Japan, andacross the globe.

Author: Jimmy Palmiotti
Format: Hardback
Pages: 368 pages
Weight: 784g
Dimensions: 180 x 271 x 27 (mm)
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: 21/02/2017
ISBN: 9781401268121