Catwoman Volume 2: No Easy Way Down TP

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Ed Brubaker continues his noir look at Selina Kyle and the growing criminalelement in Gotham City, along with new artist Cameron Stewart. The Black Mask,long time foil of Batman, has his sight set on Gotham City's East End to househis drug trafficing empire. When Selina Kyle discovers the Black Mask'sintentions, she begins to wage a vigilante war against his operation in Gotham. Selina continues to frustrate the Black Mask at every turn and when Selina usesfunds stolen from Black Mask henchmen to fund a youth center, the Black Mask isenraged and vows to make Selina pay an awful price. There is a reasonsuperheroes have a secret identity and when that identity is known, no one intheir family as safe, a hard lesson Selina is forced to learn!

Author: Ed Brubaker
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 400 pages
Weight: 688g
Dimensions: 257 x 170 x 14 (mm)
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: 25/06/2013 00:00
ISBN: 9781401240370