How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Vol. 5

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Utaha's scenario for Tomoya's game is finally complete! Since such an achievement is cause for celebration, Tomoya joins his senpai for a shopping date. But what awaits him isn't fitting rooms and food courts. Instead, Utaha drops a bombshell on him--'I want you to choose, Rinri-kun...which do you like better?' What could she possibly mean?! And the shocks don't stop there! When the devious Iori confronts the team with a declaration of war, Tomoya learns that someone he cares about is working for the enemy?!

Author: Kurehito Misaki
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 176 pages
Weight: 174g
Dimensions: 129 x 191 x 26 (mm)
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publication Date: 28/03/2017 00:00
ISBN: 9780316316477