Julie and the Phantoms: The Edge of Great (Season One Novelization)

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The next tween musical sensation from Netflix and the creator of High School Musical and Disney's Descendants! When high schooler Julie, a star in the making who has lost her spark after the death of her mother, discovers a CD from 90s band Sunset Curve, she accidentally brings them back ... as ghosts! Sunset Curve's members died before their rock-and-roll dreams had a chance to come true, but now they'll help Julie uncover the real power of music and bring all their dreams to life! Learn how Julie and the Phantoms bring their passion for music to life in this novelization of season one of the new Netflix show!

Author: Micol Ostow
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Scholastic US
Publication Date: 07/01/2021 00:00
ISBN: 9781338713374