The Antique Gift Shop, Vol. 10

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Having decided to return to the Antique Gift Shop, Bun-Nyuh discovers that one of her most precious antiques is missing and leaves the store in search of it. Little does she know her quest will follow a path laid out by fate, setting the present onto a collision course with the past - one that will reveal the truth behind the bond shared by Bun-Nyuh's grandmother and her friend, as well as Mr. Yang's true identity. Will Bun-Nyuh be able to fulfill her destiny as a shaman? Or will she deny the essence of her being until the very end?! Find out in the conclusion to The Antique Gift Shop

Author: Eun Lee
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 208 pages
Weight: 258g
Dimensions: 148 x 210 x 18 (mm)
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publication Date: 23/03/2010 00:00
ISBN: 9780759531659